One of the pride of our inn is a magnificent view from the restaurant.
This location where you can overlook the East China Sea, you can not find so much even if looking for an inn in Yakushima.
Needless to say the beauty of a sunny day, please enjoy the encounter with the once-a-lifetime until gray scenery on the rainy day.

The cuisine is an original Japanese and Western style, the owner chef who has 20 years of cook's history, making heartfully.
Because of remote islands, there are things that you can not get the ingredients as you think, but I will cherish ingenuity and cherish carefully.
With your thought as to be the reset time of your body.

Japanese cuisine is a Japanese and Western cuisine based on locally grown dishes.
You will enjoy it in the restaurant, not in the room.
Basically we will deliver something different every day, but please note that guests over 4 nights may have similar ingredients.

Dinner time: around 18:30 to around 21:00 (may vary from day to day)
Basically Japanese breakfast is served for breakfast.
If you are unable to eat Japanese food, please tell us.

To customers who cannot have breakfast by the early morning climbing.

Some customers ask us lunch box change from breakfast.
We understand your feeling enough, but we are worried about food poisoning etc, so we will basically refuse it.
We can introducing a mountain lunch box shop instead, so please order me there.

Breakfast time: 7:00 - 9:00
Recently, one in two people has become an era of some allergy.
Although we can correspond as much as possible at our restaurant, there is only one kitchen, so there is a possibility that we can not completely remove them completely by all means. Please note that we can not respond to those with severe symptoms.
Both breakfast and dinner can be used only for guests who do not stay.
Because reservation may not be accepted depending on availability of accommodation reservation, please be sure to make a reservation 3 days in advance.