All the rooms are separated wooden cottages.
I built it using materials that harm less to the body as much as possible, such as plaster and Yakushima cedars and natural paints.

The bath is a "Goemon bath" style with a semi-open-air.
Although it is not a hot spring, the water in Yakushima is super soft water so it feels like a toro. The bath that enters while watching the sea and the green is a blissful moment. Since windows are attached, you can enter safely even for customers who are not good at insects.
All rooms ocean view from the deck on the second floor overlooking the East China Sea. Please enjoy the best view.

We have a set of tools in the kitchen.
Guests who leave early in the morning such as Jomon Sugi climbing, can not make the breakfast at the restaurant in time, so please make use of the kitchen by all means. Seasonings and rice cookers are available for a fee.
About cleaning on consecutive nights
Cleaning in the case of consecutive nights is basically done only with toilet cleaning, bath cleaning, towel / pajama exchange, garbage disposal, simple bedmaking (we will change the sheets once every 3 days) We are.
Customers who wish to clean windows, clean the floor, and exchange sheets everyday must separately charge a cleaning fee of one building per 1000 yen / times, so please understand.

Room equipment

kitchen microwave Electromagnetic cooker Frying pan / hotpot
Dishes Cookware set complete Toaster oven Refrigerator *
Dining table Shoe rack Half open-air bath Bathroom vanity
Western toilet balcony an electronic pot Single bed (4 units)
Sofa bed Mini table Hairdryer Washing machine / hanger
Dehumidifier Night table Air cleaner Air conditioner
Handy vacuum cleaner

* Your refrigerator has juice, beer, and other beverages available for purchase.


Shampoo Conditioner Body wash Toothbrush
Razor Towels Bath towels Pajamas
Cleansing foam


Pareo rental for underwater hot spring200 yen / 1 time
Shoe dryer300 yen / night
Rice cooker200 yen / night
Two-person hammock300 yen / stay 1
Seasoning set100 yen / night